Stefanie Garcia

La Reina Linda X

In 2013, the Reina Linda was created to act as a female counterpart to the Rey Feo. Raising money for the Rey Feo Scholarship, the Reina Linda is selected among prominent San Antonio women. To be selected as the Reina Linda, participants must raise over $100,000.

Stefanie was born in Frankfurt, Germany on a U.S. Army Military Base and shortly after moved back to Texas.  She spent most of her early years in Dallas and eventually moved back to San Antonio in 1997.  San Antonio has always felt like home with so many wonderful summer memories made with her grandparents and extended family.  Stefanie always wanted to shadow her hard-working, professional parents growing up.  She soon followed her parents’ footsteps and entered the hospitality industry.  Working in large 5-star hotels allowed Stefanie to make so many interesting and impactful connections in her career.

Stefanie and her husband Louie have four children, Courtney 26, Andrew 21, 10-year-old twins, Harley and Jaxson and a granddaughter Eliana 3.  Having twins catapulted the planning of her and her husband’s legacy and she knew that their business strategy needed to change.  In 2012 AAA Garcia Bail Bonds was established with their first location in Kerrville, Texas and after 10 years in business there are now 6 locations and over 20 employees.  In 2017 Stefanie opened her second business of AAA Garcia Bail Bonds #2.  AAA Garcia Bail Bonds is a 24/ 7 operation providing bail bonds services across the U.S.  Juggling a strong family unit and the success of both 24-hour companies would not be possible without being part of a team with her husband.  Together they highlight each other’s strengths and encourage personal and professional growth.

Not only is Stefanie a proud business owner, but she is also the current President of Lo Bello Women’s Association, a nonprofit 501(c)3 comprised of local businesswomen.  Along with her fellow members, she spends countless hours planning charitable events to raise college scholarship funds for local students.  Stefanie also sits on two committees with the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  She has found a happy balance of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and dedicated woman business owner to the community.

In her down time, Stefanie can be found in her yard planting flowers or playing with her chickens.  She also enjoys being at the lake with family sitting, boating or floating.